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Keep my glass full until morning light, coz I’m just holding on for tonight

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3 cities in two days.
SG was great, Johor<3 KL always awesome.

    • The more than special Rose champagne<3
      / t.i.p.s.y smile./=)
    • great depression.-let you all go.
    • of distant and isolation.


  • the loneliest dinner for 2,
    wine & food, silence+ t.e.a.r.s.
  • speaking of 緣分太淺
    met too early. off timing.- without.
    the one she THOUGHT she could lean on.
  • taking all a.w.a.y. pulling all a.p.a.r.t.
  • nothingleftformetostay.
  • suffocating June.
    sorry about her heart being not strong enough……
  • un c o n  d i t  i o n a l. lies.
    a pause.


  • heart shredded.
    please let me know if you can pick up the pieces that i cant fix.
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with all the BS being said.

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here is my. six month not so recent recap
may, two thousand& f.i.f.t.eeee.e.n.
in the <3 of.
soul. r.e.location, time heals. smile fade
P.S. 0813 delivered
reprise. w.h.a.t happens after dreams come true?.

  • write something.
    read. sth. watch an a.r.t film…
  • a PERFECT .get away.its been awhile since 
    own sense o.f. accomplishments.\
  • stagnant. promises.
  • the wines in my vessels, words…
    c.r.a.w.l.i.n.g in my finger tips….tip.
  • old habit= n.e.w Routine.

and let the game begin….x

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碎句 broken sentences.

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realll. realll.
tumblr_mgww7jWbIE1rlrb4yo1_400_large tumblr_mgww7jWbIE1rlrb4yo1_400_large

no more whining.

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*to-do list

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heard some very interesting theories about the US government, also some Philippine history with the Japanese, Korean and Chinese, even covered the French Revolution in 1789. All the very historical events, it’s  making me want to grab my history books again=)

  • Twilight Collection
  • Her Fearful Symmetry – Audrey Niffenegger
  • Something’s Missing – Matthew Dicks ( i can relate to the story since i have OCD)
  • all those things i wanted to get about Godard
  • Renew Canadian Passport
  • Bath Gel
  • new notebook?
  • new laptop?
  • endless waiting for white N97Mini – still think its very cool to have keyboard with the phone=)
  • can’t believe i didnt go for movies this time.
  • Oatmeal/ Milk Powder
  • Diet Pills.

pretty much had all the food i want to eat, except for foie gras and champagne=) schedule is way too packed this time, hopefully when i come back in late November i won’t need to go to office anymore, but so far all the discussion we had in meetings are all pretty good and thoughtful discussions..finally had some time today to update my blog<3

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summer + followed by autumn

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watched 500 days of summer for more than 10 times now. definitely one of the cutest and most aspiring movie of the year, i know and i am sure that after years from now i will still remember that first glance, first expression on your face when we met, first phone call from you, first kiss and first touch. maybe it’s not meant to be but nothing is coincidence, as long as i am me and you are you=)

some quotes i like:
roses are red violets are blue, fuck you whore!
Tom: What happens when you fall in love?
Summer: You believe in that?
Tom: It’s love, it’s not Santa Claus.

Quote: You cant describe great cosmic significance to a simple earthly event. Coincidence, that’s all anything ever is, nothing more than coincidence. There are no miracles. There is no such thing as fate. Nothing is meant to be.

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three days. a lot things. endless missing

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did a lot things, forgot to buy a lot things…
all the unessentials, not important..
heels, satin clothes, bras n’ panties, pants, dresses, wine book are the things i bought
just realized that i didnt buy anything i planned to buy, so typical of me, really should have published my shop-list instead of saving it as a draft in the database=)
went to a lots restaurants non stop eatin and weight gainin- Paul, regent hotel, 15eme, Primo trattoria, a-cut, sushi house, 淡水霜淇淋 etc etc etc.
crazy time with friends chillin, drinkin, eatin, dancin, walkin at the beachh, all the best times, no dramas attached finally, hopefully my luck is turning around again..
still in desperate need for champagne thoo=) cant wait till i go back to taipei again..<3

totally enjoyed every moment in taipei.
endless missing.

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829. tix to las vegas tix to taiwan
813. theybrokeup
819. happy birthday
5. cantsleepagain
miss the blue sky.

photo via: metacolors

0. soreeyes
821. fall back into online games
count rose pedals yesorno
8. mygrandpaisinhospitalagain
1. whyaskme?
820. 225km/h carcrashsplitinhalfgladyouareok
821. justwaitforher


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recent. men. women.

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  • dont ask question if you know there is no answer.
  • sometimes they like it if things gets a little NASTY. – sign s
  • i .
  • its one of the rules you have to break. RULES are meant to be broken – typical sagittarius
  • why think about it if you can just do it
  • we try not to judge but we still criticize everything – women


  • do
  • i always only do things i want to do, but what do i do when there is an obstacle on the way?
  • hockey metaphor for relationship: there is a goalie, but you still give your best shot and most likely you score if the time is right. – this is from bruce
  • ?
  • make it clear. it’s better if we stay friends. everyone is telling me to talk to you.
  • past two years are like a dream. so is china. except the setting has changed.
  • i like PERIOD. as in . PERIOD.


  • take
  • my principles. i m murdering my own principles. gradually
  • if we want this to work, lets play it nice and slow.
  • in denial. i dont want to rephrase myself.
  • so no.


  • they are typical, they just want their own little circles.
  • everything is ok, everything is good, i like to take care of people – Virgo
  • All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players. – William Shakespeare
  • new script.
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dumb and dumber

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you guys are simply awesommme<3 dig & mix & wash & dry 5AM Satuday insanity at ShaJing McDonald's walk inside the cashier to order food loser eat nuggetz n' friess cuddle and lap dance with mr.mcdonald i'm lovin it<3 H3ART YOU ALL

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