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I can’t remember I can’t rewind Nor recall

by on Jul.13, 2009, under Daily, Life, Photography, review

Pol Bassal



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first day of work after i came back to SZ,
everything is just the same, and its weird to say, i sort of miss it
so yesterday i wandered at the HK airport for 3 hours,
saw a lot new books that i’d love to buy, but instead I end up buying just one novel and some magazines
had orange juice, fries and a grande latte
had an idea of what champagne, wine i will get the next time i go back
the whole time when i was on the plane or the ferry
I was thinking about the past couple days, my whole trip in taiwan,
some fun and exhilirating moments, i surely had a blast.
Still I don’t want to go back, I am moving forward.

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