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The difference between us.

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There are laws, rules, values and standards
but it may not apply to everyone,
yes the basic moral or restrictions will ALWAYS be the same,
but in some cases, the standards to be considered differently.
Us human beings, we sometimes think outside the box,
we all have different backgrounds, educations, certain life experience,
things that may make us stand out from the ordinary,
logic or behaviors that makes us unique among the others,
principles that will change certain way of how things are supposed be,
you can’t just judge a book by it’s cover like you can’t just simply apply what you know to everyone.
Always learn, adapt, understand and most importantly, execute,
be compassionate.

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What is dream come true?

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was drunk in your words

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and now i am ten years sober.

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Flora @ DongGuan, China, Sept’18’2010

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heart this.

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sat night, date night=)


sat morning*=)

our version of girls night out, TP+SZ
waking up with candle lights,
morning greetings from my BBM Bitches<3

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xx Asia Sin City* xxx

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update from last weekend in Macau* love sincity everywhereee=)


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in dreams, emotions are overwhelming..

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need to whisper, so I won’t wake myself up
miss the nights when dreams were so vivid
like going to sleep is going to a journey

missflora @ Ricoh GRDIII

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let it be.

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When you realize that time is a thief,
it has already taken away all your choices.

missflora @ Ricoh GRDIII

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recent recap*

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Shenzhen 2010 Early in March*

Ricoh GRD3

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hanging out at the museum

by on Dec.22, 2009, under Art & Design, Daily

Taipei Art Museum Winter 2009

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