Love Me Tender

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Agent Provocateur

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Oh, Death

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Dean: Well, I got to ask. How old are you?
Death: As old as God. Maybe older. Neither of us can remember anymore. Life, death, chicken, egg. Regardless – at the end, I’ll reap him, too.
Dean: God? You’ll reap God?
Death: Oh, yes. God will die, too, Dean.

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Someone without the past

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I couldn’t have been more wrong.
I thought that I could smile and nod my way through it.
Pretend like it would all be ok.
I had a plan. I wanted to change who I was. Create a life as someone new.
Someone without the past. Without the pain.
Someone alive. But it’s not that easy.
The bad things stay with you. They follow you. You can’t escape them. As much as you want to.
All you can do is be ready for the good.
So when it comes you invite it in because you need it. I need it.

– Quote Vampire Diaries
with super awesome soundtrack from The Fray – Never Say Never


my most recent TV Addction, after Gossip Girls and Super Natural, CW pulled something good again<3

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i want your left vision.

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been watchin the jap drama Mr.Brain lately, interesting fact:

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Heartsrevolution – CYOA from Jean Demery / on Vimeo.

amazing video and music from heartrevolution

Foxes and Bunnies…
Fire and Snow…
We’re all just lost, don’t know which way to go…

Digital Suicide by heartsrevolution

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and so it continues

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family, love, sex, passion, lust, hope, hate, disorder, despair, disease, end.

the final 10 minutes of the best tv series ever “six feet under”
its a perfect ending, makes me sad everytime i watch it

my recent most favourite song Apologize in my recent addiction gossip girl//season1 episode10

Rufus to Lily on the phone: “I never should have let you let me go.”

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