Timeless Chic

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“Fei Fei embodies a timeless idea of an extremely chic woman.
In this world, beauty is king and it brings people together with no racial limits,”
Vogue Italia










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the dream is within you

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Nothing is as real as a dream.
The world can change around you,
but your dream will not.
Responsibilities need not erase it.
Duties need not obscure it.
Because the dream is within you,
no one can take it away.

R.I.P Tom Clancy

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for purpose.

by on Feb.29, 2012, under Life, People, Photography

Source: my friend chenyi hsu@fb

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freja beha

by on Nov.03, 2011, under Art & Design, fashion, People

source: TFS Art Gallery #2

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Party People #7

by on Jun.01, 2010, under People

John Cale

“I missed out on my teenage years.
I led a sheltered life. I was practicing scales instead of playing football.”

Musician, composer, singer-songwriter, record producer, visual artist

John Cale

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Party People #6

by on Apr.13, 2010, under People, quote

Candy Darling

“So we’re all wondering, how often do you get your peroid, Candy?”
“Every day, i am that much of a woman.”

Candy Darling

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God Save Pete Doherty

by on Apr.07, 2010, under fashion, People, Photography

L’Officiel Hommes Paris #17 Fall 2009

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Party People #5

by on Mar.23, 2010, under People

Anita Pallenberg

“But all this pop stuff,” she shrugs,
“I’m not really interested.”

Fashion designer; artist; former model

Anita Pallenberg

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Party People #4

by on Mar.21, 2010, under People

Billy Name

Billy Name exquisitely transforms sexploitation into glamour,
and the ‘nudie’ into a work of beauty.
Debra Miller

photographer, lighting designer

Billy Name

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