Worlds Apart.

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Courage is not something that makes you fearless, it’s what empowers you to face whatever awaits you ahead, even death.

Kindness is not something you give when you have everything, it’s the willingness to give everything when you have nothing.

Love is not just something you feel with the ones you see, hear, and touch everyday, it’s the eternal existence of those who are even worlds apart.


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empty status

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end of the end.

nothing left.
nothing gained.
non-stop refreshing.
to expect?
a relationship without heart is nothing but an empty status.
greetings from strangers
cold air between couples
wonderful surprises and unwanted gestures
left with neglected souls.
abandoned oath
& long lost dreams.

//Take my heart, pull it apart.
And take my brain, or what remains
and throw it all away

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closure for an endless dream.

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back to start.
it’s been 7 month.
i am letting you go for good.
thank you for everything and nothing.
remember when i asked you to take me away
and you said you will a.l.w.a.y.s. stand by me?

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Sadness for eternity

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we tried, we failed
and now we just have to bury everything
along with the memories
six feet underground.
I still miss you.

Sorry that i failed you, and i failed us.

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LOVE. is. sw.e.l.l*

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light of day
Speaking of principles & checklists.
r.e.v.i.e.w, how i miss you so.*

  • thy sweet craziness.
    …..SINful secrets buried.
    events uncaptured, faces unphotoed.
    memories cant be forgotten.…/the things that reminds me of you.

pictures & films without faces.
s.l.o.w motions, candid ideas. foamy affairs….
the dirty. sexy S.P.L.A.S.H.E.S.
ever so hectic subway streets
//of chaotic surprises….
IMAGINATIONS beyond illusions.

broken dates & disappointments.
expectation unfulfilled.
What happened in the middle of AUG?. …believe.after.belief.
how she
for. the.
touch of .
her STAR crossed.

hoping to get a real farewell.
another chinese valentines, i miss you and i m sad.

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Keep my glass full until morning light, coz I’m just holding on for tonight

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3 cities in two days.
SG was great, Johor<3 KL always awesome.

    • The more than special Rose champagne<3
      / t.i.p.s.y smile./=)
    • great depression.-let you all go.
    • of distant and isolation.


  • the loneliest dinner for 2,
    wine & food, silence+ t.e.a.r.s.
  • speaking of 緣分太淺
    met too early. off timing.- without.
    the one she THOUGHT she could lean on.
  • taking all a.w.a.y. pulling all a.p.a.r.t.
  • nothingleftformetostay.
  • suffocating June.
    sorry about her heart being not strong enough……
  • un c o n  d i t  i o n a l. lies.
    a pause.


  • heart shredded.
    please let me know if you can pick up the pieces that i cant fix.
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recent recaps & to-dos*

by on Sep.30, 2013, under blahblahblah, him, missflora

this is the first version of recent recaps with my direct x indirect thoughts.
abt …something special fading a.w.a.y.=)

  • distance i.n. – b e t w e e n
    softly & slowly killing the memories created*
  • late night jazz
    x shooting s t a r
    x laughter on the beach – ? = long gone dreams.
  • the stop loss point.
  • of being together
    with or w/out happiness.
  • the truth is i never want to get married, i just want to be happy with someone who
    “we can c.o.m.p.l.e.m.e.n.t each other.”
  • lack of spark/ l.o.s.i.n.g hope/ letting GO.
    won’t cling, try to change nor ask for love in r.e.t.u.r.n….
  • can we be friends when we are like strangers again?
    and lets end with a smile*=)
    …….since it started with one…=))))

thank you* i will walk out the door, put on my lip-gloss with a sugar sweet dress and smile with the next somebody.


so my blog got shut down for about….a long long time
* completed the endlessss journey: Shenzhen/ Guangzhou/ Malaysia/ Singapore/ Bangkok/ Hong Kong/ Japan just finished in one month…


  • A First-rate Madness:Uncovering the Links between Leadership and Mental Illness
  • Intentional Dissonance
  • I wrote this for you
  • The Photography Of Jon Ellis
  • studyyyyyyy books….=(((


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I rotate for you

by on Jul.02, 2013, under blahblahblah, him

filling up…
can’t get enough.
poisonous words.’
surprise turning into a series of sweetness.
shutting down
hidden heart, hidden emotions, hidden thoughts, hidden dreams.
what really lasts?
the things that stay with you for a lifetime.
memories that make you wonder?

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March marked with M*

by on Mar.22, 2013, under him, missflora, reprise

the vibrant hours*3.1.5
– ambiguous words & finger tips
/truth/ or  d a r e ?
our little secret.

s.h.a.d.o.w.s. superimposed.<3
charm/ tension/ c.h.e.m.i.s.t.r.y?

hello to all the goodbyes.

no image can represent the moment we had.
it’s locked in a special place in my head.


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it all happened.*like the b.i.g. b.a.n.g. –

by on Feb.21, 2013, under blahblahblah, him

    melt melt melt* in. y.o.u.r. smile=)
  • rush hush darling.
    & she b.l.a.c.k.e.d. out=(
    kiss.crush*all sorts of feelings.
    .m.i.s.s es. ?

    ..letting go. like how i let things happen in a blur.
    – /it’s too late now/.
    memory are the .s..w.e.e.t.e.s.t gifts.
    thank you for this short surprise arrangement=)


  • fortune says…….
    [c h a n g e s.] ———–decision point*
    goal of the 2013/
    *find the other half,
    leave everything and everyone behind.
    [from now]. – no regrets..?

first and last of


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