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don’t feel like myself.

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I played 14 hrs of online game on sat.
I need to start studying next week.
No more distractions.

only sober day in shenzhen.

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A meowing package!

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photos: Porous Walker

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Butterfly & The Infinite Sadness

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A l’origine, la forme du labyrinthe s’est inspirée de celle des boyaux.
Autrement dit, le principe du labyrinthe existe à l’intérieur de toi.
Et il correspond à un labyrinthe extérieur à toi.
– C’est une métaphore ?
– Exactement. Une métaphore à double sens. Ce qui extérieur à toi, c ‘est la projection de ce qui est intérieur, et l’intérieur est la projection de l’extérieur. Souvent, quand tu mets les pieds dans un labyrinthe extérieur, c’est que tu entres aussi dans un labyrinthe intérieur.
Dans la plupart des cas, c’est très dangereux.

H. Murakami – “Kafka sur le rivage”

They admired the complex shape of intestines.
So the prototype for labyrinths is, in a word, guts.
Which means that the principle for the labyrinth is inside you.
And that correlates to the labyrinth outside.’
‘Another metaphor,’ I say.
‘That’s right. A reciprocal metaphor. Things outside you are projections of what’s inside you, and what’s inside you is a projection of what outside. So when you step into the labyrinth outside you, at the same time you’re stepping into the labyrinth inside. Most definitely a risky business.’

Harukami, Kafka on The Shore

photos: yann orhan

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photos: hillary boles

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If I were to go back to school and study again,
all I will be drinking is coffee and no alcohol,
that’s just tough
I feel like quit drinking is way harder then to quit smoking
something to think about

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Beautiful Illustration by Brett Amory

Brett Amory

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All we see & seem is but a dream within a dream

by on Feb.24, 2010, under film, science

some interesting points from the video:

  • Everything is only a dream and we are the imagination of ourselves.
  • The world is an illusion and the real world in the universe is non –physical.
  • Underlying everything that we see, our bodys included,
    everything that we see in the world,
    there is existence of what must be conscious or intelligent mind,
    and this mind is the matrix of all matter.

+ Video Introduction to Quantum Physics* (my work in 2004)

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The truth make everything else seem like a lie.

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it’s all destiny like the sky

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photos:kelli pennington

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