to-do list*

by on Dec.26, 2009, under blahblahblah, Daily, review

watched a movie by Godard, watched Sherlock Holmes and New York I Love You=)
love the handicap girl, loved the girl with the cam recorder.

got my tooth extracted.
my left face is all swollen, like i got punched in the face.
got a new pair of non prescription, just buying it for the nerdy look “o-o”
got my hair permed and my bangs back
i need to go back to Shenzh3n tmr, what else do i need?

decided to make my own notebook instead of buying one.
still waiting for my purple blackberry case
still have to pick up my missflora necklace<3
should i buy more books? i already have way too many books i dont have time to read…

date on sunday=)


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