fall in november

by on Nov.04, 2009, under blahblahblah

  • 宿舍的玻璃門被風吹碎了一地
  • 沉默的不像話
  • 聽almost blue一直blue
  • 我只相信我想相信的
  • 把很甜很甜的text message存在另一個資料夾裡
  • will be with you all I can. kiss.
  • 盲目忙碌混雜多餘的思緒
  • I don’t need your approval for anything
  • tears fill my eyes when you said you will never leave me alone
  • I am not a puppet
  • 唯一的選擇就是尊重所有決定
  • never invest too much emotions

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