some scenes i remember

by on Sep.27, 2009, under blahblahblah, Life, missflora, reprise

a lot thing i can’t remember.

13. Running and yelling in the rain with erica.

18th birthday. break up

18. cry all day, don’t know what to do.

19. bury myself in school all day all night without sleep. looking like a bum, wondering around with a blanket.

20. 清晨6點,走過好樂迪,一瞬間。落地玻璃全部都碎了

singing in ESLITE.

everlasting memory dancing at TRYST, under the waterfall.

waking up with you singing by my ear, whispering.

walking with emily from lane 216 to renai and xinsheng south. owls.

hours ago. trying to get the door knob out from Judy’s washroom door.

there must be more, i just can’t remember


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