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  • dont ask question if you know there is no answer.
  • sometimes they like it if things gets a little NASTY. – sign s
  • i .
  • its one of the rules you have to break. RULES are meant to be broken – typical sagittarius
  • why think about it if you can just do it
  • we try not to judge but we still criticize everything – women


  • do
  • i always only do things i want to do, but what do i do when there is an obstacle on the way?
  • hockey metaphor for relationship: there is a goalie, but you still give your best shot and most likely you score if the time is right. – this is from bruce
  • ?
  • make it clear. it’s better if we stay friends. everyone is telling me to talk to you.
  • past two years are like a dream. so is china. except the setting has changed.
  • i like PERIOD. as in . PERIOD.


  • take
  • my principles. i m murdering my own principles. gradually
  • if we want this to work, lets play it nice and slow.
  • in denial. i dont want to rephrase myself.
  • so no.


  • they are typical, they just want their own little circles.
  • everything is ok, everything is good, i like to take care of people – Virgo
  • All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players. – William Shakespeare
  • new script.
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