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last nite’s msn conversation with hiflger.

hilfiger says:
flora i want to be a hopelessly romantic

missflora says:
lol, why? because i m too practical?

hilfiger says:
but not everyone wil, understand
i think even if i try to be
some people just wont get it

missflora says:
its not that they dont get it,
they just want to avoid it

hilfiger says:
so i stop bothering to be
in front of them
so i can fit in

missflora says:
u r too good for them
and  i m the opposite

hilfiger says:
no u are not
u know
if something has a value
its because people agree on that value
otherwise there is no value

hilfiger says:
even if its a diamond

hilfiger says:
so u arent like them because i value ur thoughts
but then dats if they think i have that value
but then are they good enough to value me themselves

missflora says:
yea i get your point
but well our value is defined by others..
and thats just the way life is.

hilfiger says:
i do think there is a true value

missflora says:
how can you tell if its a true value or not
there is no true value because we can never get to the truth.

hilfiger says:
i cant
its arbitrary

missflora says:
so u never now
you can only guess..

hilfiger says:
its like the pi
u dont know its true value
so u can only get that close
as close as u can get

missflora says:
but you still want to find out its true value

hilfiger says:
but close enough is good enough

missflora says:
but u dont kno how close you are
people want the truth and people hate the truth

hilfiger says:
its pointless
trying to find out how close u are

missflora says:
but people still do

hilfiger says:
u need to know
if its valueable or its trash
keep it or dump it

missflora says:
its funny how the closer people get they further they want to run away…

hilfiger says:
or this one is more valueable than another

missflora says:
yea we are born to compare.
compete…because we will never know the truth about anything and we are never complete.

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