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A Private World

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photos by Tim Walker

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Before & After

by on May.29, 2009, under quote, reading

ph/ Maxime Ballesteros

I was once a fool,
Lived nice,
it was fun,
Then i got a call,
went on a trip
it was perfect timing.

Going in for the kill
Riding tee wave
stabbing the surfer while he is surfing & you are also on a surfboard
The perfect assassination.
The perfect crime.

What happened to u???
U used to frown,
Now u walk around town,
Can’t live it down.
Don’t be sad,Be mad get mand,
So mad…A horrible cycle that ends somehow

Asher Penn ‘BEFORE & AFTER’

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ingrammatic. anagrammatic.

by on May.27, 2009, under blahblahblah, chitchat

last nite’s msn conversation with hiflger.

hilfiger says:
flora i want to be a hopelessly romantic

missflora says:
lol, why? because i m too practical?

hilfiger says:
but not everyone wil, understand
i think even if i try to be
some people just wont get it

missflora says:
its not that they dont get it,
they just want to avoid it

hilfiger says:
so i stop bothering to be
in front of them
so i can fit in

missflora says:
u r too good for them
and  i m the opposite

hilfiger says:
no u are not
u know
if something has a value
its because people agree on that value
otherwise there is no value

hilfiger says:
even if its a diamond

hilfiger says:
so u arent like them because i value ur thoughts
but then dats if they think i have that value
but then are they good enough to value me themselves

missflora says:
yea i get your point
but well our value is defined by others..
and thats just the way life is.

hilfiger says:
i do think there is a true value

missflora says:
how can you tell if its a true value or not
there is no true value because we can never get to the truth.

hilfiger says:
i cant
its arbitrary

missflora says:
so u never now
you can only guess..

hilfiger says:
its like the pi
u dont know its true value
so u can only get that close
as close as u can get

missflora says:
but you still want to find out its true value

hilfiger says:
but close enough is good enough

missflora says:
but u dont kno how close you are
people want the truth and people hate the truth

hilfiger says:
its pointless
trying to find out how close u are

missflora says:
but people still do

hilfiger says:
u need to know
if its valueable or its trash
keep it or dump it

missflora says:
its funny how the closer people get they further they want to run away…

hilfiger says:
or this one is more valueable than another

missflora says:
yea we are born to compare.
compete…because we will never know the truth about anything and we are never complete.

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Light up a dark spot in crystal

by on May.27, 2009, under fashion, Photography, style

been obsessed with Nick Knight’s work.



Photos: Nick Knight

so its wednesday, last day of work before my four days vacation
boss is not here, most of the coworkers in my office are gone.
spotlight spotlight i hear spotlight
taipei taipei here i come again=)

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states of grace

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ma_6 ma_7


ma_9 ma_12

ma_11 ma_2
photo artworks: fashion photographer Miles Aldrige       via/stylebubble

“If the world were pretty enough, I’d shoot on location all the time.  But the world is just not being designed with aesthetics as a priority.  So I prefer to rebuild it instead of photographing the real one.  What I’m tring to do is take something from real life and reconstruct it in a cinematic way.”
Miles Aldridge

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blind is love.

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via/ weheartit

i m blocking everything.
can’t feel
can’t touch
can’t hear
can’t see

<3 heart beats.

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weekend recap

by on May.26, 2009, under blahblahblah, Daily, Life

moved to a studio and moved b ackto a single room
got a curly perm and permed back straight
thought about you and forgot about you
painted my nails purple, wiped it, painted it pink, wipe again and painted it purple
gained weight lost weight and gained weight again

watched Queen of No Marriage, realized that i m not the only one who thinks like that
thought i wanted something but not anymore.

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heaven’s sweetness between light and shade

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photos: Josh Murfitt

Quote of the day=)
Look at things not only as they are,
but as they can be

——-David Schwartz

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you go your way and i will go mine

by on May.22, 2009, under Daily, Life

photos: punkinlittle

hectic day.
had japanese food for lunch – salmon, fried chicken, miso soup, vegetables, egg.
meeting was being postponed THREE times.
cooking is fun, dumplings and chinese corn chowder w/ sliced tomatos is awesome
i m reading another book by Ryu Murakami
watched the chinese film “I Corrupt All Cops”
hopefully i will move to the studio tomorrow.
there are tiny red dots on my arms and shoulder, Allergy?
sleeping and waking up early is my new routine
i think china has blocked blogspot, bloggers and tumblr again
help anybody?

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