i wrote this for you

by on Mar.17, 2009, under blahblahblah


at times i think of you
this is almost the time when we first met,
i didnt know your name and i didnt bother to care
but we got lost together in the crowd and we started to talk
by the time we started to talk about books, movies, photography, i had already  fallen into your psychobabble trap,
when you told me you listen to paganini, i was imagining myself playin La Campanella
u said you like a hundred years of solitude and my favourite was the invisible monster
remember the times when u play guitar and sing to me while i was having a crazy hungover
sang lullaby at night, made up random stories so i could  sleep better
you hated my cigarette but u still let me sat on your balcony, smoke.
you never really liked me and i never wanted to be with you
nothing ever happened between us but i miss you like this

i wrote this for you and only you.


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