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tom: i always felt like valentine time is like prom…for the grown ups

flora: my boyfriend didnt let me go to my prom
so screw that

tom: why didnt u go to prom with ur bf then

flora: my bf was like 29

tom: lots ppl they dont really like each other
because they dont wanna be alone
so 還是假裝快樂
然後勉強在一起 even there is no strong feeling

flora: true very
aha so i never force myself to be with anybody

flora: ok
actually thats a lie

tom: lol

flora: i did that before

tom: and how did it go

flora: bad
i thought i like him though

tom: rebound?

flora: wut do u mean by rebound

tom: like…
u broke up with someone
then u need someone to comfort u
maybe thats not the case huh

flora: nah*that guy was nice

tom: there is nothing wrong with doing sweet things

flora: i just think its lame
so yea that guy was really nice
but still i did wut i always do
i said all the very negative things..

for guys

tom: its a quote actually

flora: yea so i guess its human nature
then we got together rite

tom: rite

flora: and i was still sayin all the very negative things

tom: like how

flora: not jsut about him
but like the relationship too

tom: that is very mean

flora: coz if we are together i think it has to work
but the future just doesnt seem bright at all
not that i want to marry him
but i want it to be stable
i cant afford anything goin wrong with my life

tom: sometimes i feel like
before i am with someone, i already see the end
but once a while i will be like…maybe i should give a try
but i already know its ganna end some time, even before it start
ok back to ur topic

flora: then when i decieded to give it a try
he backfired

tom: what do u mean

flora: he started feeling the same things too
well, i m just too realistic, not in the material way more like practical…

tom: but what do u mean by backfire

flora: like then he felt the same thing becoz i keep sayin those things
and he said those things bak to me

tom: i think its always like that

flora: yes its very typical

tom: u chase, he ran
he chase u ran

tom: so how did it end

flora: we both agreed that we need a break but i felt awful

tom: and?

flora: coz everytime i say very bad things he was like
OH everything is gon be fine blah blah blah
but yea i kno its my problem

tom: i think
maybe sometimes we say
we have this problem and that
but while we are with different person, that might not even be a problem
i think its the chemistry

flora: wut chemistry

tom: like u are acting this way
with him
but while u are with someone else
u will be different
dunno what i am saying
but u got IT

flora: math solves it all

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