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  • dont ask question if you know there is no answer.
  • sometimes they like it if things gets a little NASTY. – sign s
  • i .
  • its one of the rules you have to break. RULES are meant to be broken – typical sagittarius
  • why think about it if you can just do it
  • we try not to judge but we still criticize everything – women


  • do
  • i always only do things i want to do, but what do i do when there is an obstacle on the way?
  • hockey metaphor for relationship: there is a goalie, but you still give your best shot and most likely you score if the time is right. – this is from bruce
  • ?
  • make it clear. it’s better if we stay friends. everyone is telling me to talk to you.
  • past two years are like a dream. so is china. except the setting has changed.
  • i like PERIOD. as in . PERIOD.


  • take
  • my principles. i m murdering my own principles. gradually
  • if we want this to work, lets play it nice and slow.
  • in denial. i dont want to rephrase myself.
  • so no.


  • they are typical, they just want their own little circles.
  • everything is ok, everything is good, i like to take care of people – Virgo
  • All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players. – William Shakespeare
  • new script.
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Once upon a time

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When we were born,
wonderful dreams were made
fairytales were read to us
we start off learnin all the beautiful things in life
we can’t wait to explore the world
as we grow up,reality happend,
we hear lies we experience failure we lose faith
in the end, when we have nothing to look forward to
its death.






ph:Eugenio Recuenco


after i wrote this, i realized this is a complete oppisite of what we should have and how life should be. dream on!

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