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Dance, Dance, Christa Paffgen

by on Mar.25, 2010, under lyric

She’s got the time
Says she got time on her side
Running the room
Commanding the late boys’ eyes
She runs around,
Knows all the streets by name
So mysterious,
Shadows meet James Dean
She’s intoxicating,
Soon your favorite drink

Your black dress in disarray
Only dance floor prayers can save
Temperatures rise and I start to move
But it’s you that’s coursing through my veins

Say she’s got hope
Took shelter to the Hollywood list,
Taking control
Wanted my heart but I gave her my soul
She’s like a Paige Davis with a Monroe kiss
Disappeared today,
Left no trace
But someday I’ll know your name

If London’s calling don’t you dare pick up the phone
Only you entwined
Could make this orphan feel at home
Lips that need no introduction, but now waiting for your call
If a picture’s worth a thousand words
Then your touch is worth them all
Worth them all

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Chelsea Girls

by on Mar.24, 2010, under Music

She wants another scene
she wants to be
a human being

Her perfect loves don’t last
her future died
in someone’s past


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Party People #2

by on Mar.15, 2010, under People, quote


I don’t think about the future,
I can’t think further than tomorrow morning
— at the most. I leave that to somebody else.

Singer-songwriter, Actress, Fashion model


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