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proverbs 3:3

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Let love and faithfulness never leave you;
bind them around your neck,
write them on the tablet of your heart.

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The Lover

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– ‘One day, I was already old,
in the entrance of a public place a man came up to me.
He introduced himself and said:
‘I’ve known you for years.
Everyone says you were beautiful when you were young,
but I want to tell you I think you’re more beautiful now than then.
Rather than your face as a young woman,
I prefer your face s it is now. Ravaged.’

– 我已經老了,有一天,在一處公共場所的大廳裡,

– ” I’ve never written, though I thought I wrote,
never loved, though I thought I loved,
never done anything but wait outside the closed door.”

– 我自以為我在寫作,但事實上我從來就不曾寫過,

Marguerite Duras – The Lover

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Quentin Crisp

by on Jan.18, 2010, under quote

Manners are
love in a cool climate.

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She is Edie Sedgwick

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When I was the girl of the year in New York,
I made a mask of myself

Toast to the 60’s!

Edie Sedgwick dazzled everyone with her beauty, style, glamour and wealth. She was a very bright and well spoken young lady, having a penchant for shopping. Edie purchased everything, from only the very best stores in New York, including glamourous clothes, as well as considerable quantities of make-up and earings. She managed to spend a large amount of her family inheritance.
Edie arrived at the factory – backed by such a large family history – and dazzled Warhol. Edie helped to transform the factory’s reputation as a place to be seen for all New York’s wealthy socialites and trend-setters. During the period from 1963 until 1965, Edie featured in leading magazines such as Time, Life and Vogue. Warhol and Edie became close friends, and received substantial media coverage due to the fact that Edie accompanied Warhol everywhere – to parties at the factory, in Manhattan, and to leading Gallery Exhibitions. Edie added a touch of style and glamour to many art openings, which arguably, resulted in Warhol receiving much more media coverage than would have normally been reserved for an up and coming artist at that time.


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Paint It Black

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“That was what she really wanted.
To forget so thoroughly she’d never have another memory again,
the bitter so bitter you gave up the sweet.”

— Janet Fitch

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Can’t I even have the privacy of my own soul?

by on Nov.02, 2009, under quote, reading


I used to think I was the only one who felt things, but I really am only one infinitely small part of an aching humanity. It’s a good thing most people bleed on the inside or this would really be a gory, blood-smeared earth.
Go Ask Alice by Anonymous

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Someone without the past

by on Oct.18, 2009, under quote, tv

I couldn’t have been more wrong.
I thought that I could smile and nod my way through it.
Pretend like it would all be ok.
I had a plan. I wanted to change who I was. Create a life as someone new.
Someone without the past. Without the pain.
Someone alive. But it’s not that easy.
The bad things stay with you. They follow you. You can’t escape them. As much as you want to.
All you can do is be ready for the good.
So when it comes you invite it in because you need it. I need it.

– Quote Vampire Diaries
with super awesome soundtrack from The Fray – Never Say Never


my most recent TV Addction, after Gossip Girls and Super Natural, CW pulled something good again<3

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summer + followed by autumn

by on Oct.08, 2009, under film, quote, review, Thoughts

watched 500 days of summer for more than 10 times now. definitely one of the cutest and most aspiring movie of the year, i know and i am sure that after years from now i will still remember that first glance, first expression on your face when we met, first phone call from you, first kiss and first touch. maybe it’s not meant to be but nothing is coincidence, as long as i am me and you are you=)

some quotes i like:
roses are red violets are blue, fuck you whore!
Tom: What happens when you fall in love?
Summer: You believe in that?
Tom: It’s love, it’s not Santa Claus.

Quote: You cant describe great cosmic significance to a simple earthly event. Coincidence, that’s all anything ever is, nothing more than coincidence. There are no miracles. There is no such thing as fate. Nothing is meant to be.

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郭敬明/ 悲傷逆流成河

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