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she wears just a few drops of parfume to sleep.

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Love of a Life Time

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Photos by:  Annie Leibovitz

very signature shakespearean story
featured in Feb 2009’s US Vogue

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les choix de SOPHIA

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Maja Kolqvist & Christophe Bouquet 1

Maja Kolqvist & Christophe Bouquet 2

Maja Kolqvist & Christophe Bouquet 4

Maja Kolqvist & Christophe Bouquet 5

Maja Kolqvist & Christophe Bouquet 6

Maja Kolqvist & Christophe Bouquet 7

Maja Kolqvist & Christophe Bouquet 9
Vogue France with Sophia Copolla

my room is messy yet mesmerizing=p
its rarely that way but somehow it feels more cozy
i felt very shakespearean last morning
but i couldnt find anytime to express what i felt.
today my mind is loaded with things i dont even know how to begin with.
better and messier, silence really helps.

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dumb and dumber

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you guys are simply awesommme<3 dig & mix & wash & dry 5AM Satuday insanity at ShaJing McDonald's walk inside the cashier to order food loser eat nuggetz n' friess cuddle and lap dance with mr.mcdonald i'm lovin it<3 H3ART YOU ALL

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Creative Recreation

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img-creative-recreation-3_143719652844.jpg_large_slide img-creative-recreation-4_143744356677.jpg_large_slide
Alexa Chung & Alexandra Richards

img-creative-recreation-8_144331229246.jpg_large_slide img-creative-recreation-18_144842947101.jpg_large_slide
Chris Bugg and Kelly Fulton / Kristine Barilli and friend

Daphna Guttin, Macon Brown and Phillip Angert

img-creative-recreation-7_144107690655.jpg_large_slide img-creative-recreation-30_150026767246.jpg_large_slide
Brittany Barnato / William Streng

Jessica Allen and Tomo

Andrew Rozas


photos: Antwan Duncan

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turn me on

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photos: Shanna Fisher

dewdrops glow
the sun melting the snow
heels rocking the road
breath behind the door
glossy glass balls dropping on the floor
drum beating with the flow

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my kind of crazy world.

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everything is upside down
timeless wanderer
walk in the rain
daydream while i am awake
sleepwalk is not insane
bath in champagne
cigar smokes blow me away
i dont care what people say
some behaviours i can not explain
i vent my spleens, i laugh hard, i play
thats just the way
i dont care what people say

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this is why i am hot.

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Maciek Kobielski_2

Maciek Kobielski_1

Maciek Kobielski_3

Maciek Kobielski_4

Maciek Kobielski_5
Photos: Maciek Kobielski

I will find the balance in between,
logic only ruins your heart,
set me free, unrule me,
come sink with me.

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mousseux mousseux mousseux

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Chardonnay + 1998 Champagne rosé
魚翅 and 奶黃包 for late nite snacks=)
perfect combination
Ça fait ma journée<3 Andrew McLeod_1

Andrew McLeod_2

Andrew McLeod_3

Andrew McLeod_4
Photos: Andrew McLeod
“After Hours.” Elle Girl Magazine

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Light up a dark spot in crystal

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been obsessed with Nick Knight’s work.



Photos: Nick Knight

so its wednesday, last day of work before my four days vacation
boss is not here, most of the coworkers in my office are gone.
spotlight spotlight i hear spotlight
taipei taipei here i come again=)

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