ecstatic creature.

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its about losing
its about having nothing to let go of
it’s about you
its about being just me
its about expectation
its about not having anything to look up to
its about refusing to grow up,
time stop, hearts locked, feelings numb.
major optimism extreme pessimistic or in reverse.

constantly on the high roll.
La joie de vivre
threads of thoughts.. the most idealistic.

only if someone can understand. things are never as easy as it seems.
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with all the BS being said.

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here is my. six month not so recent recap
may, two thousand& f.i.f.t.eeee.e.n.
in the <3 of.
soul. r.e.location, time heals. smile fade
P.S. 0813 delivered
reprise. w.h.a.t happens after dreams come true?.

  • write something.
    read. sth. watch an a.r.t film…
  • a PERFECT .get away.its been awhile since 
    own sense o.f. accomplishments.\
  • stagnant. promises.
  • the wines in my vessels, words…
    c.r.a.w.l.i.n.g in my finger tips….tip.
  • old habit= n.e.w Routine.

and let the game begin….x

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Moving Notice-
I am moving my heart today, memories everywhere,
tears and laughter still seem like yesterday,
but I will create new ones soon,
Thanks for your time.


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HI i reached a S.T.A.R today<3

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photos: lina scheynius

oh HAPPY day=)
*cold air x warm whispering conversations
you ARE the r.a.i.n.b.o.w in my misty sky
l i g h t i n g* UP of my gloomy nights*
thanks to my special xxx-knight
drown.i.n.g. in between the new [i] and the always there you.

b.u.b..b.l.i..e.s.ssss 101.
l.o.v.e in the air s.w.e.e.t October!
joke happens in life so lets just laugh and forget it
erasing an irrelevant chapter.

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recent recaps & to-dos*

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this is the first version of recent recaps with my direct x indirect thoughts.
abt …something special fading a.w.a.y.=)

  • distance i.n. – b e t w e e n
    softly & slowly killing the memories created*
  • late night jazz
    x shooting s t a r
    x laughter on the beach – ? = long gone dreams.
  • the stop loss point.
  • of being together
    with or w/out happiness.
  • the truth is i never want to get married, i just want to be happy with someone who
    “we can c.o.m.p.l.e.m.e.n.t each other.”
  • lack of spark/ l.o.s.i.n.g hope/ letting GO.
    won’t cling, try to change nor ask for love in r.e.t.u.r.n….
  • can we be friends when we are like strangers again?
    and lets end with a smile*=)
    …….since it started with one…=))))

thank you* i will walk out the door, put on my lip-gloss with a sugar sweet dress and smile with the next somebody.


so my blog got shut down for about….a long long time
* completed the endlessss journey: Shenzhen/ Guangzhou/ Malaysia/ Singapore/ Bangkok/ Hong Kong/ Japan just finished in one month…


  • A First-rate Madness:Uncovering the Links between Leadership and Mental Illness
  • Intentional Dissonance
  • I wrote this for you
  • The Photography Of Jon Ellis
  • studyyyyyyy books….=(((


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rumours on waking.

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impossible j.o.y.
slipping through-
the unerasable. time*
& light trapped in the
p.r.e.s.e.n.c.e of fire
//the nonexistent
cosmic tender.

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I rotate for you

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filling up…
can’t get enough.
poisonous words.’
surprise turning into a series of sweetness.
shutting down
hidden heart, hidden emotions, hidden thoughts, hidden dreams.
what really lasts?
the things that stay with you for a lifetime.
memories that make you wonder?

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matter of infinite hope.

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resistance to change
money and bills
social upheaval
jazz age
o.r.g.a.s.t.i.c future
p r o g r e s s i o n
American Dream
vanity f.a.i.r.s.

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recent recaps & to-dos*

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two weeks and two years.

  • u n p r e d i c t a bl e
  • the things that make us =/blind
  • authorized
    – n o n -s e n s e
  • beneath all the s.e.c.r.e.t.s*
    l.i.f.e wrapped in Plasticssss
  • big bo$$ big blinnnng
  • poisonous humor
  • oh! my crazy c r a v e s.———————————–

for the time to pass
her thirty goal?

  • diplomatic identity vs. recognized s i g n a t u r e?
  • m’s new.
  • g a p  b/e/t/w/e/e/n the fuels
  • the flammable chemicals.
  • empty p.r.e.s.e.n.c.e.
  • O.N.E week n o t i c e.

to the sum of zer0?

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I let my heart wonder

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its been a long long while.
hopes high.
e/m/p/t/y days.
f u l l  hours.
reaching out?
fantasy. drowning.
changes in a p p e a r a n c e
….& hidden names….
Emily said i need a t.h.e.r.a.p.y


it’s all so c-h-a-o-tic i can’t think.







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