recent recaps & to-dos*

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nouveau départ

  • – shed some tear.s.
  • loved. WKW. The Grand Masters
  • drwoning in the conversation fromCosmopolis”
    &  speaking of rat to become
    the unit for currency
  • endless
    /s h i f t i n g./
  • strawberry choco
    dipped valentine*
  • WEDGEWOOD <3<3<3
  • light spots in TP=)
  • 原來情緒能被消逝於瞬間
  • S*weet feb miracle
  • end of a chapter.
    ///re-p r i o r i t i z e*

Hello Silver!
i m gon get you this month<3

  • LOL goal: SILVER* please carry me=(
  • drop drop drop my CNY weight…
  • cut cut cut down
  • my missflora necklace – in 18K gold
  • time w/fam
  • paradise hunting?

new reads.recently bought:

  • Thinking Fast and Slow –Daniel Kahneman
  • Birthday Stories- Murakami
  • fill my new red moleskin with every little things<3

*heart-ing life=)
still want to say thank you to everyone i have met



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