recent recaps & to-dos*

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the last bits and bites of twenty twelve*

  • of
  • survived another &
  • S.w.e.e.t Candy CarnivaL*
  • the reversed.
  • Photography NEXT
    in love with HuaShan1914 Creative Park
  • i lost you.
  • new*

ride/ for the new/ ride.
my twenty &
naughty thirteeeeen*
let’s spark it.

  • ///Cafe de Fleur
  • ///Capture the moment- The Pulitzer Prize Photographs
  • watching Anna Karenina
  • prive ring.*
  • let go..
    we had something special.
  • no matter what they say.
    are. the. things.
    [i] want. to do. with [u]
  • books* books* books* books* books*
  • Laduree HK<3<3<3
  • a crybaby in chaos.
  • call me sssssuperstar=)
    and i will be your star
  • 2013 tears for C. ( farewell)



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