recent recap*

by on Jul.08, 2010, under Daily, Life

很多開心都忽然變得傷心 happiness all turning into sadness\ alcohol percentage going up \ n年來第一次穩定1個月 \ 很想要紅貴賓 really want a toy poodle \  關於離別about leaving\ 不習慣的模式 not used to this current status \ 不想說與想說的 \ my homework this year is to be in a stable relationship\ 忽然想哭 random crying thoughts\
i have split personalities\ pause \
想要每天寫一封信給你 \
sincerely happy about Ms.Lee’s big surprise \
and than followed by empty loneliness \
T told me about their engagement\
莫名的多了好多個小祕密 and shared my dirty old secrets \
want to be complete, but what is complete?
note1. I made this decision based on you
note2. I am still in denial of you
note3. all my friends think I have changed a lot because of you

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