recent recap*

by on May.05, 2010, under Daily, Life

missing the list actions here for quite a while=p

  • Wondering how i fell asleep the other night watching True Romance*
  • Almost Famous*
  • still want to watch Alice in Wonderland very badly!
  • holding back
  • paranoid as usual.
  • David LaChapelle on friday with Tez*
  • x
  • pour me more than x drinks <3
  • uncertainty = chances?
  • mom wants to eat teppanyaki @ hana紅錵, but i made reservation for steak@ Robin’s=))) xddd
  • sick of all SNS
  • always wore this smile just for you
  • cravings<3
  • like the weather, constantly changing
  • .
  • sweet and imperfect
  • deadly.

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