three days. a lot things. endless missing

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did a lot things, forgot to buy a lot things…
all the unessentials, not important..
heels, satin clothes, bras n’ panties, pants, dresses, wine book are the things i bought
just realized that i didnt buy anything i planned to buy, so typical of me, really should have published my shop-list instead of saving it as a draft in the database=)
went to a lots restaurants non stop eatin and weight gainin- Paul, regent hotel, 15eme, Primo trattoria, a-cut, sushi house, 淡水霜淇淋 etc etc etc.
crazy time with friends chillin, drinkin, eatin, dancin, walkin at the beachh, all the best times, no dramas attached finally, hopefully my luck is turning around again..
still in desperate need for champagne thoo=) cant wait till i go back to taipei again..<3

totally enjoyed every moment in taipei.
endless missing.

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