i wonder if i am turning into gay

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Mr.A: i felt weird

missflora:  how

Mr.A: i wonder if i am turning into gay

missflora:  no way

Mr.A: could that be i havent have sex for too long

missflora:  r u fantasizing about men

Mr.A: i dunno, i do think some guys are cute
but the thing is
the girls who i used to think they are cute,
i dont think they are attractive no more

missflora:  maybe it’s just because ur taste in girls changed

Mr.A: no way
plus….i dont have a certain taste ….not sure

missflora:  i think its just ur taste, or ur style has changed

Mr.A: u know how i used to tell u that sometimes my personality shift

missflora:  yes i remember

Mr.A: i dunno
there was one time
while i was still with Ms.B
i  have no desire to sleept with her for like more than a month

missflora:  mmm

Mr.A: now i have this feeling that i have no desire to sleep with any girl

missflora:  you r just being man, for not wanting to sleep with your girlfriend

Mr.A: ok fine

missflora:  maybe you just suddenly got sick of it

Mr.A: lol
am i that lucky
to get sick of girls

missflora:  its like food, you like truffles, but u had too much of it and lost your appetite
u hafnt had sex for too long lol and you dont remember the pleasure of it.
its usually one way or another
i didnt want a bf for a long time does that mean i m lesbian?

Mr.A: i wish its more like i have too much sex

missflora:  lol

Mr.A: but no

missflora:  just at a certain point of time u might not have feelings for anything..
not exactly because u dont want it, u just dont crave it or desire it

Mr.A: yea
the story will continue
the discovering of my true self

missflora:  good nite

Mr.A: 如果我出家的話幫我帶些蘋果


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