a short pause without period.

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so there was silence
a pause between lines
without taking a breath
as if you had something to say


She was often late, she always came with a botte of cold water, she speaks in a mild, warm voice like spring, but her tone is always the same, you can’t tell whether she is happy or sad, you don’t know if she is telling the truth or fiction, but if you observe carefully her gestures slightly changes from time to time. She loves jazz but she rarely listens to it, Coltrane and Miles Davis are her favourite artist. She does’nt sleep much but she dreams a lot. Often she is in denial about her dreams. She is a cynic, she hates autumn but she loves raining seasons, thats the only time she cries, in the rain.
She is an accountant, most people think she is very manipulative. In fact, she is like a child, her favourite food is sweets and lollipop, ice cream and strawberry always calms her down. She visit the orphanage every two or three month, and she made a lot donation. She is fragile like everyone, she just doesn’t show it. She has a very loving boyfriend, a good family but she is still not satisfied with her life. Like most people, she doesn’t know how to cherish things around her, but she tried.

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