happiness hit her like a bullet in the head

by on Apr.21, 2009, under blahblahblah, Daily, Photography

ph/ Agnes Thor

its the dreams you created that makes me feel alive.
i see your existence in every heartbeat of mine.<3

its been a week since i arrive in sz
there has been a lot interestin things happening around me,
shenzhen is pretty chill after all
just everything new…

  • its so amazin how things can change so quickly!
    ups and downs, highs and lows….
  • maybe its a good start
  • food food food food food!!!!!
  • tarot cards fortune tellin is incredibly accurate
  •                                        a    lot    things    are    broken.
  • cravin for deserts
  • read read read
  • it feels awesome to finish a huge bottle of hennessy =p
  • he came and left, for good.
  • maybe somewhere along the lines, “you” still exist.
  • feeling of belongingness?
  • i captured every second of our smile, i put them in all kinds of frames and show them on my wall.
  • i want you all to be happier then i am. and this shouldnt be hard at all.

so far the only thing i hate the most is i cant watch youtube anymore.
and i m so stupid for not bringing my laptop charger with i cant work on all my design stuff at all =(

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