winter lotus.

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captured by my iPhoneX- Jan.2019

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easier said than done

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of things to achieve on a daily basis
– all the proposal
– zen-yoga./exercise
– Read READ READ all the books i bought/ writer’s no block
– Focus– NEM
// i guess this can be a start since i been trying to sit down and post something ever since i am able to log in.

no distraction, this is getting harder, as i am more and more attached to the toy of [ millennium ]
c.a.p.t.u.r.e thoughts and start jotting down all the pieces.-

33 and going.
overall Writing is still an addiction.

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it’s been more than a year.

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spent a few month trying to figure out how to disable recaptcha,
really want to start writing again…

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Can’t escape the magnetic side

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Morning REPLAY✨
Let’s be at peace, we’ll fly
But overall still a miraculous year
Stars will guide the way-L.O.V.I.N.G Liƒe
Can’t wait for an awesome end in December 🌸

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recent recaps & to-dos*

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amazing ride since Oct<3

  • happy to have met you.
  • The sweetest
    2x Ferris wheel –
  • fell in love with Manilalala*
  • Cold air in
    ….Beijing – the dramatic t/s/h/c/i/e/n/n/g/e/S/
  • i am toxic. 
  • my Dream Come True-
    LOL 2017 World Championship Finals!
    one thing o.f.f. my bucket list<3
  • Thank you for the sweet time.
  • a month of flowers for y.o.u. //still missing..=)
    . im p u l s e.


  • Read : The Art of Thinking Clearly// 在世界的转折点
  • New BP. YAY
  • Strike 2. 
  • work it work it work it.
  • – muah*


and i m trying not to be numb and distant.
even i m scared of my sanity sometimes.

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One day we will realize we will never understand the big questions and all we can do is make everyday life as beautiful as possible..x

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Worlds Apart.

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Courage is not something that makes you fearless, it’s what empowers you to face whatever awaits you ahead, even death.

Kindness is not something you give when you have everything, it’s the willingness to give everything when you have nothing.

Love is not just something you feel with the ones you see, hear, and touch everyday, it’s the eternal existence of those who are even worlds apart.


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this was buried

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So its my first personal trip this year, not sure what I want or achieve but rather to find out my true feelings…x

True happiness

Speaking of
Simple is happy
Lost in Translation

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But you want to know what really takes courage?
Keeping your mouth shut, no matter what you might be feeling.
Holding it all together when the stakes are this high.

– Francis Underwood / House of Cards

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so baby pull me closer in the backseat of your rover

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Alyssa Lynch and Jordan Wright

so i edited this post on Jan.29th.2019
//deleted a few pic and leave it as the way it is now.
still heart this song. just the original post was not how i intend it to be

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